Friday, July 26, 2013

Watermelon Cake

So I left you hanging with my 4th of July post!  My watermelon cake was a total success!  I seriously couldn't believe it.  After my little convo with the Trader Joe's employee, I was sure my efforts were about to be a waste, however, that was totally not the case!

Sure it's a no-bake "cake" and it looks so simple, but I assure you, this recipe is not for the faint of heart.  Cutting something as large, heavy and dense as a watermelon into the shape of a cake while trying not to sever a finger proves to be a tricky task.  But with hubby's muscles ;) and my sheer determination, together we conquered the watermelon cake.

I will say, my kitchen has never seen such a mess!  It looked as if it had rained watermelon {seriously, puddles of juice were everywhere} and snowed coconut and almond shavings - Blakely was quite the help in the clean up.

It's one heavy cake to transport {I did not cut it into pieces as the original recipe instructed because I was transporting it and I didn't want to worry about it falling apart from point A to point B}, but it's one stellar looking piece of fruit, don't you think?  Here is the original recipe, complete with cutting diagram : Paleo Watermelon Cake if you wish to make your own.

A few tips - be sure to pat the watermelon as dry as possible before "frosting."  I suggest refrigerating "frosted cake" for a few minutes before decorating to allow the frosting to adhere to the melon.  And the coconut whip was a perfect compliment to the fruity watermelon, I highly suggest it!  I admit, I sweetened it a bit so it would be a little more dessert like....shhh don't tell.

Have you attempted a watermelon cake?  I would love to hear about your experience!


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  1. How did you get the sides frosted well and the almonds on it without it looking like a wreck? My girls love watermelon and we are celebrating our youngests birthday on Sunday. This would be perfect. But I'm afraid of trying to put the nuts on the side, that will look like a mess.

    1. I truly believe the consistency of the frosting has a lot to do with it. I tried to whip it to the thickest consistency as possible. I also put it in the fridge between decorating phases. And as for technique - I put the nuts on by hand in small sections, same with the shredded coconut. I would pinch it in between my fingers and then place it on the frosting.

      This little gadget helped too! {a cake decorating turntable}

      Would LOVE to hear how yours turns out! I hope my tips were helpful. :) Thanks for stopping by PPS! -Danya

    2. They made this cake on Rachel Ray today - they had put the cake on a turnstyle tray, frosted with a long bread knife life spatula and then kept throwing the almonds around and around till it was all covered, then put fruit on top - looked delish


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