Monday, August 20, 2012

Honest Housewife : Prayer

Dearest Friend,

First of all, I completely spaced coming here and writing a little letter last week! Busy like a bee in packing up our home and moving with two babies, I just blanked on stopping by and leaving you a bit of love!
Oy! me and 'Mommy Brain' ;) 

I had a friend email me about a month back asking me how exactly I depend upon the Lord during this season of life {being Mother to twin babies and wife to a busy Hubby}, and I wanted to simply share with you my response to her. 

"You know that song, Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me... 
I think that song sums up for me where I turn to the Lord daily in prayer. 
It's sung often throughout my time spent with the boys. When they are both crying and hungry and I have to wash bottles and mix up the formula and get situated to feed them both at the same time! It's overwhelming! I talk to them, tell them I love them and that I'm hurrying, and I promise to feed them soon. Then I sing out loud... "Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me". I get stressed, it makes me sad that I can't feed them right away sometimes and it's exhausting running around like a crazy lady working out all the kinks of having two boys to take care of at once. 

I pray, a lot. There's always time to pray. Always. But prayer to me, ends up more so to be simply spending time in Gods presence. In the awareness of it. Imagine if He were sitting next to you each day, as you watched over your sweet child, wouldn't you feel a sense of calm and peace and love and... ah, a sigh of relief. His nearness is all that we ever need. For from Him flows all of the wisdom and love and patients and grace in the world! Take everything you know about Him to be true. Everything you learned in Sunday school, from your parents, at church/the Word, in your day to day walk. All of Him, all the time is there for you. He's your Good Shepherd. 

Okay, so you can't physically hand your little to Him while you sleep... BUT! He can give you His energy, His strength, His fight.
I think we often times forget that God doesn't just work in our realm of possibilities. This is why I sing, "Spirit, fall afresh on me." He can fill me and flow through me when I have nothing left to offer! Really I should let Him do this 24/7 before I even get to the point where I realize how lame my love and care is compared to His!... this is what happened recently. I was doing it all in my own strength.

I can't but He can. All things, even being a Mom, and a happy, rested, confident, strong one, is possible with Him. Because He is those things. And He is ours. 

It's a shift in focus. A shift in perspective. His perspective and ability, makes it possible for me to go go go. 

I haven't spent much time in the Word lately {still though I turn to it as often as possible}. But I've spent time with the Word. I haven't done a lot of 'talking' to God, still though, I've spent a whole lot of time with Him.
It's like that best friend, or maybe even your husband... You spend the whole weekend in each others presence and maybe you don't say much. You don't have to. You do your thing, or maybe go about your day together, simply resting and basking in each others company. It feels good to be with them. You're confident of their love and nearness even when words aren't spoken and their presence makes you feel special, wanted, not alone. You know them, they know you and you dance about your time shifting around each others needs and cares without hesitation. 

God is real. And He's the best support for me throughout these days of being a full time Mama {okay lets face it, a Mom works well beyond full time!!} 

When I'm aware of His presence, I place myself in His care, as I care for the boys. He moves through me, strengthening me, for them and for me. He loves through me, loves on my babies and loves on me. He helps me to see the important things each day, and the things to let go of. 

He is proud of me. I spend time with my Father, Creator, and Savior/Hero! It makes me feel good to know that the person who believes in me most, is with me always cheering me on and helping me to walk accordingly.

I live in the supernatural.
My home isn't an earthly dwelling place. 
I am a spirit, living with a body...
So I live from my spirit that meets with God, 
rather than from my flesh that forever will fail me."



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  1. Amber - I think this was for me this morning. :)
    I woke up facing health issues that I thought had been put behind me, and while my heart sinks feeling defeated, I'm reminded that this battle is not mine to fight. Not alone at least. Thanks again for your honesty. <3 -d


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