Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Every room in your home is worth a conversation.  What better way to get people talking than by adding one major statement piece?  {And by "major," I mean awesome.} 

A statement piece is that one unique item that the eye quickly finds once entering a room.  It's not necessarily the focal point of the room, but rather eye-catching.  If it's not part of the focal point, be sure that it doesn't distract from the focal point, but it enhances the room as a whole.  It's that bold piece that makes a statement about your personal style.

Your "piece" could be a collection of one item - like several of the mercury glass owls you see below, or an every day item doused in bright glossy paint. {I once saw an assortment of old cameras that someone had collected from thrift stores and spray painted them solid glossy colors - it was so unique to the person who made them, yet gave the space that extra something special.}  It could be a handmade piece of furniture or something you found at a boutique or an antique fair.  Or a wall fixture that draws your eye up, making the room seem larger than life.  

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are great cause they could be that finishing touch to a room that's been lacking luster, or it could be the jumpstart to the inspiration you've been searching for.  These special pieces are meant to tell a story, so have fun with it! 

What are your favorite statement pieces in your home?  Link up if you've blogged about them!! I'd love to see. 


  1. I've been in such a decorate-y mood lately. It generally happens when I need a good change, a new focus.
    Thanks for sharing!! :)
    Eat Cake

    1. I need a good change of decor every once in a while - pillows, throws and accessories are so easy to swap out every few months! Have fun changing it up!

  2. that mercury glass owl is calling my name!

  3. i love this post! that little figurine owl is too cute. i love owls :))
    great post!!

    1. Thanks Taylor! I adore those owls too - and they're on SALE right now. Who can resist??? :)


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