Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heart : Engaged

So last Tuesday, I randomly declared as "No TV Tuesday."  I don't think hubby and I watch a terrible amount of television, but when we need to unwind at the end of the day, we easily tune everything out and veg in front of our favorite shows.  

In honor of "No TV Tuesday" we decided to take Blakely for a walk to get froyo at our favorite yogurt shop downtown.  It didn't exactly end up being the peaceful walk I had hoped it would be {I forgot it was market night and dogs aren't allowed & hubby got stung by a bee on the way - ha!}, but we came away with funny stories, a great memory and I feel it set the tone for how we spent our time together during the week to come.  We were engaged.

It's so easy to tune people out and not really hear them.  We're great talkers & doers but not so great listeners.  I know I'm guilty of instagramming, tweeting or e-mailing while half listening to hubby's day, or while catching up on the phone with family.  Not only do I miss out on half of the conversation, but I'm missing out on an opportunity to enjoy these precious relationships.

This weekend was wonderful as the "no tv" trend continued.  Hubby and I went for a run together {well, he left me in the dust actually...haha I trailed behind - these Cali hills get me!} along this beach....

And then we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and have a picnic lunch in the park....

{my gfree organic turkey sandwich - yum!}

{so much sunshine!}

We did our grocery shopping together, we did dinner, a movie and card games with sweet friends and we showed hubby's sister and boyfriend around Monterey.  It was a packed weekend {and I'm a bit exhausted - still} but it was so nice to truly engage in the life that lays before me. 

I think "No TV Tuesday" just may become a weekly occurrence in our home!  I encourage you to give it a try. :)

{Blakely's pooped too!}

Lots of love....

- images via danya collyer


  1. haha that's so funny how your walk turned out. and you are so right. i'm new to northern cali and these hills are no joke!

  2. I know - funny how things don't always go as planned. :)


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