Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food : 10 Minute Baked Potato

So a few days ago I had a hankering for a baked potato.  I remembered that beautiful sweet potato I bought over the weekend and thought I'd make myself a sweet savory treat for lunch.  In about 10 minutes I had a glorious Maple Glazed Sweet Potato sitting on my plate!  

How did I do that?  Let me show you....

My mom shared this handy trick with me a few years ago and I haven't baked a "traditional" baked tater since!  

  1. Grab a potato. {I use russet or sweet potatoes for this method.  "Baking" time may vary according to the size of your potato.  We'll get there in a minute.}
  2. Wash it well.
  3. Poke {carefully} a few times with a knife or fork.
  4. Pop it in the microwave on high for 5 minutes.  {I do 6 or 7 minutes for a large potato...the one below was considered large.}
  5. Carefully {its hot!} and snugly wrap it in foil and let sit for another 5 minutes {again, I let it sit another minute or two if it's large}
  6. Unwrap & voila!  You have a baked potato in about 10 minutes!  :) 

For a regular russet potato, I like to drizzle olive oil and a dash of salt over the skin before I wrap it in foil.

Maple Glazed Sweet Potato

  1. Bake a large sweet potato.
  2. Slice into 1/2 in slices and stack.
  3. Sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg and a dash of salt.
  4. Drizzle warm maple syrup over top.

Happy "baking"!  

- images via danya collyer


  1. You can put foil in the microwave?? I never knew!

    1. No no no, please don't put foil in the microwave! The potato goes in by itself and then wrap it as soon as it comes out. :)


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