Monday, July 23, 2012

Honest Housewife : No longer babes

Dearest Friend,
Here's a pic of baby me and my wonderful Mama.
Hard to believe that I was once so small... No one's holding me like that anymore ;)
Step by step, day after day, we grow up, change, become people who truly affect the lives of others, either for the better or worse...
When we were younger, little babes, and children, and adolescent 'hooligans', the things we would say and do had less of an impact than they would as coming from an adult. Of course they mattered, but not to the same degree.
With years of added knowledge and age comes an expected care, consideration and awareness for the people around us.
These days, when my sweet Hunter or Emerson yell at me because they are hungry, I obviously don't get upset at them for 'treating me that way'. When they get mad or frustrated and make grumpy faces, causing all to be aware of their unhappiness, I don't take offense.
If I were to do those things, at the age of 27, I'd be absolutely embarrassed!!
But wait a second... raising my voice because I 'need' something different? I don't do that... right? Oh wait, I have done that. Am I ever so miserable with my surroundings that I make it clear to friends and family near by? No... or actually, yes...
"I'd be absolutely embarrassed".
The sad thing is, we normally don't treat strangers and acquaintances with such little respect. It's those that are closest to us. Or at least that's how it is for me.
I don't have the excuse anymore of being an infant, unable to communicate with kindness and patients.
My reason for being rude {which it's obviously not even called 'rude' when an infant acts in such a way}, is that I'm selfish, thinking of me and my desires rather than the feelings of anyone else.
The closest person to me is my Husband, and I know that there have been days where in my 'grumpiness', I take it out on him. When I'm unhappy, I don't always treat him with the love and respect that I should. Writing this, I'm realizing that I owe him an apology. Or two.
No matter whats happening, I'm responsible for my actions. Every single day, I strive to be more like Christ. Asking for Him to live through me, to love through me and to shine in a way that I can't when I'm exhausted...
But there are times where I don't let Him help me. Moments where I take over and get ugly and self focused and unpleasant. And in those hours, I tend to revert back into my immature, childlike ways and again, there is no good excuse.
I want to be a woman who treats others with a beautiful and selfless love. Setting aside my emotions and recognizing that who ever it is before me is important and deserving of a gentle word or smile.
I want to be a wife who's lips spill praise and thanksgiving rather than words of discontent.
There's nothing more to say really... with those last words, all I can think now is that action must follow. "I'm sorry"s are in order. This was a good reminder for me. Not sure where this all came from...
It's just spilled out as I began to type.
My Love is sleeping right now, but I plan on snuggling up to him as soon as I'm done here and telling him that I'm sorry!

Jamie, Bekkah, Alicia: Thanks for your sweet comments last Monday! All of your words meant a lot to me and I was encouraged by each of you.

Happy Monday Sweet Friends!!
Now go out there and be kind, we're not babes anymore {not an infant babe at least... babes as in good looking, that we are!}.


  1. i love these posts! and i especially like this line: "Asking for Him to live through me, to love through me and to shine in a way that I can't when I'm exhausted..."

    i totally identify with that. some times you just fall apart, but the Holy Spirit inside of you never does.

    so Good. :]

  2. I thought that was a great line too Bekkah! Amber's posts are so refreshing! Glad you're enjoying them. :)


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