Monday, June 25, 2012

"Birthday Weekend"

So "going off the grid" for the weekend was more challenging than I imagined it would be, but it was so worth it!

Hubby and I had an amazing weekend together. We did gifts Fri morning, went to pick out a sleek new pair of basketball shoes {that was one of his big gifts}, caught a matinee showing of Brave {so cute! I loved it!}, had burgers at a great local burger spot {it's like a build your own burger place - they serve you the meat and bun (or lettuce in my case) and you head to the toppings bar to stuff it with whatever your heart desires...delish!} and then finished off the evening with cake, ice cream and games with a great couple of friends. Whew! What a day!

Sat was a little less packed - we did a few fun things together and then had a bonfire and s'mores on the beach with a handful of friends. What a stunning night it was - the sunset was gorgeous, the fire was perfect and the s'mores were ooey, gooey! I told was a great weekend indeed!

Here's a peek...


  1. 1. pretty flowers!!
    2. smore's are da bomb. :]
    3. great last pic of the fire.

  2. Hi Bekkah! Thanks so much! :) -d


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