Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Posts Coming Soon!

Hello Friends,

I'm sorry for the delay in recent posts.  My 6.5 yr old MacBook is living out it's last days, thus making it difficult to post to PPS regularly.  :(  
{so sad...we've made many memories together}

But good news! 

I've been in the kitchen a lot lately - creating lots of fun posts to share with YOU!

Check back tomorrow morning for a great "how to" and hopefully this whole computer hiccup will be solved shortly.  
{who wants to contribute to my "Danya needs a new computer" fund??  ;)}

Lots of love,

- image via danya collyer


  1. oh how terrible... for the both of us. Mine is about to fall into a coma too.

    I look forward to your post and will be praying for the funds :)

  2. Raquel - you know my heartache! If only they weren't so expensive! Thanks for the prayers {and for reading:)}.


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