Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday : Summer Trend - The Chevron Print

One  of the hottest prints this season is the Chevron print. This zig zag print is showing up on everything from couch pillows to blouses to throw rugs. Seen from the runways to gas stations and everywhere in between! If you do not already own at least one item in Chevron print, you should. This print is versatile and flattering on almost every body type.

For the warmer summer weather try a dress, cut just above the knee, in a bright color. The longer sleeves on this LaPosh dress will also carry you into Autumn and beyond without being too heavy for summer.

Another idea: Pair a Chevron print blouse with bright colored trousers and large, chunky jewelry. This combines several summer trends without looking like you are “trying to hard”. If you are wearing an oversized blouse, be sure to pair it with slim cut pants, so as not to add extra bulk to your outfit! Try Chevron shaped rings and bracelets to add pizzazz to your outfit.

A fabulous way to rock the Chevron print is with an amazing pair of wedges from Anthropologie. These trendy shoes would pair easily with everything from jeans to a cotton dress to a little black dress.

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Have fun finding ways to incorporate this HOT summer trend into your wardrobe. Consider it an investment, the Chevron print won’t be leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

Xxoo ~ Jamie

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