Thursday, January 26, 2012


While I love all of the geometric patterns that have been popular for quite some time now, I find myself taking a break from the traditional graphics and gravitating towards beautiful Ikat patterns.

Ikat {pronounced: ee - khat} is similar to tye-dying, but instead of dying the fabric as a whole, the threads are bundled, twisted, dyed and then woven.  This has been a popular technique for centuries all over the world, in areas such as Central & South America, Asia, Europe, etc.  Each Ikat pattern is different and unique and usually full of color.

More modernly, Ikat can be added to your home in several different ways.  These are some of my favorite modern Ikat patterns.

{Ikat Rug - Source Unknown}

{Ikat Pouf Vivre}

{Ikat Dish Set VeraWang}

{Ikat Chair UrbanOutfitters}

{Ikat Pillow Koko}

{Ikat Slipcover UrbanOutfitters}

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