Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creating Beautiful

So I was clicking around on Pinterest a bit today and came across a few quotes that resonated within me - the above, being one of them.  All of this concern with what style to deck out our apartment in, which furnishings to purchase, what our budget looks like, etc., etc.  I'm easily consumed with a task set before me {especially when it comes to something creative} and I find my heart and emotions far more involved than they should be sometimes.  Aside from having an adorable home {cause what girl doesn't want that?}, I want my home to evoke a sense of beauty apart from the furnishings and wall coverings.  I want my home to be a place of warmth and peace, love and holiness - a place that my husband, myself and visitors will find rest, refuge and be reenergized before they head back out that door.  I firmly believe that all of those feelings begin with me.  I so desire to be a girl who makes a place beautiful just by my mere presence.  Not in vanity, or physically speaking, but by the presence I carry and the Godly confidence that can only come from a life walked alongside Him.  I truly want to carry the whole "less is more" theme, I've had to adopt over the past few weeks, with me into this new year and beyond.  I want to simplify and focus on having a beautiful spirit - one that isn't so concerned with what I'm adorned with, but by what is flowing from my heart instead.  It is possible to make a place beautiful, but I can't do it alone. ♥


  1. i really like this post! i feel the same way. what good is a pretty room thats cold and hollow?

    cute blog :]

  2. Hi Bekkah! Thanks for stopping by PPS! So happy to meet another fellow blogger and Jesus lover! :) -d


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