Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Good news.  We got the apartment!  {hands up & little booty shake}  So now that the "house" hunting has come to an end, let the decor fun begin!

This is my expertise {well, I'm not an expert but I do totally enjoy decorating}, however.  I'm at a standstill & I need your HELP.  You see, my last home was warm - hardwood floors throughout most of the place, warm colors on the walls, neutral textiles and dark wood furniture.  Several people who walked through my home said it had an "Anthropologie" feel, and to me, that was a compliment.  While I LOVE me some Anthro, it was never my intention to have that feel, it just sorta happened.  Hubby and I got married, acquired a few furnishings from my family, found a few craigslist gems and voila - we had a furnished home!  But this time I actually have an opportunity to decorate the place with purpose.  I have a chance to give it a real sense of my style.  And that's where my dilemma lies - I love two very different styles and yes, I can mix them and make it work, but I want to go all out - one way or the other.  I love modern - mostly white with a pop of bright color here and there, straight lines, clean, simplistic, chic.  While I also love Rustic/Eclectic - warm, woodsy, bright textiles with mixed colors, comfortable.  Like I said, I could totally mix the two styles and come up with my own unique blend of things, but for once I'd like to just go all out modern or all out rustic....what to do, what to do???

The apartment is SMALL - 1,000 sq ft smaller than what we're used to, so I don't want it to be cluttered.  {Not to mention, we just did a major overhaul of our belongings and shipped only the essentials.}  One thing I loved about the place when we did our first walk through is that it has lots of natural light, so despite it's size it actually feels quite roomy.  Another thing to consider is it's very tan {and can't be painted} - not a color I love, but one I'm willing to deal with.  I can see tan walls and tan carpet accompanied by warm furnishings - but just as easily I can see it accompanied by lots of white and bright colors here and there.  Starting to get my drift???  What do you think??  Any suggestions?  I need to decide fast - we move in Sat and we have NO furniture.  Help!

Here's a peek of our Florida home:  {this is for you Nicole}

{& the quality isn't so great - they were snapped on my phone before we began packing everything up}

{Entry Room}

{Living Room}

{Kitchen - and I thought this was small :}

{Master Bedroom}

And here's our new apartment:  {Lots of tan...}



And what I can't decide between:

{Clean. White. Light & Airy.}


{Rustic. Eclectic. Anthropologie-esc.}

{but not so cluttered}


What's the verdict?????


  1. Rustic. Eclectic. Anthropologie-esc. or eclectic!

  2. Rustic all the way!

  3. Rustic!! Love Rustic... :.)

  4. You totally have more "rustic" pictures so I think that's what you tend to more...I had the same problem when we moved in and our house definitely has the cozier, anthro feel. Doesn't "homey" and "cozy" sound better than "modern" and "clean"? Too stiff, I say. :)

  5. oh funny! I think the clean, white with pops of color sounds SO refreshing!! and fun!

  6. Majority is certainly swinging towards the rustic side, but I have to say I may be leaning towards the more light and airy given the size of the place....we'll see. I'll update you after I make all my furniture purchases this weekend. ;) Thanks for the help!!


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