Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Beautiful Abode

I'm a closet Rachel Zoe fan.  I was catching up on the her latest episode yesterday and my jaw dropped at the quick interior makeover her latest hire, Jeremiah Brent (who has a background in interior design and no fashion/styling experience whatsoever), did on her new 7,000+ square footage home in California.  It's gorgeous!

I'm finding myself to be more of a minimalist than ever before.  I used to love trinkets of all kind - I felt little things here and there made a space personal - which they do, but I'm loving clean and minimal spaces (probably because my house is a cluttered mess right now).  And while I sometimes feel white can be stark and impersonal, Jeremiah pulled off several hues of white in a beautiful and sophisticated way.

I borrowed these pics from BravoTV, but you can find all of the before and after photos here.  I don't know how well white will go over with the little one she just had - I can imagine it's hard to keep clean with a child who's exploring and on the go, but I sure do love how the decor turned out.  Okay, enough talking - take a look!

{LOVE the square chairs & that couch!!  So and those lamps!  I want a pair in my dining room.  The white works so well with the dark wood floors, banister & fireplace.}

{Love how the modern furniure is mixed with the traditional fireplace.}

{Oh those lamps...have I mentioned that I LOVE them??}

{This just looks cozy...great reading nook.}

{I love the seating space here.  That pendant light is just beautiful.}

{Little man's room.}

{Love the pop of yellow with the white and black.  Also love the curves on the cabinets.}

{So open and airy...dream kitchen.}

I so wish they had photos to share of Rachel's closet, because O-M-G, it's beautiful.  You'll have to check out the latest episode to see it.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  Rachel's show is one of my guilty pleasures - I feel I can live vicariously through her...watching her travel from Paris to New York to LA, trying on gorgeous couture gowns and classic Chanel pieces, and styling the stars.  What a fun life she has!  I like living it with her via tv, it seems less exhausting. ;)  

Happy Thursday!


  1. Her house is to die for! Major. I may need those striped lamps in my life.

  2. Thanks for your comment S+S! I love your blog. :)

    I know - those lamps are perfection. I may need to diy a pair.


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