Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Puddles and Popcorn...oh and peanut m&m's!

Fall is upon us and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that all of today's wind and rain blew in a cool front. Like (most) everyone else in the south, I'm dreaming of crisp, cool air to accompany my fall g-free treats & pumpkin candles. (I've been dreaming of fall since summer hit, hehe, but now I'm more or less longing for it.) Hopefully cooler weather is just around the corner.

In the mean time, today was a rainy mess. I ran errands, made it to the gym, gave lessons and much to my surprise, came home to hubby (he was supposed to work tonight, but they sent everyone home due to weather). It's always a treat to have him home at night - our evenings easily find themselves filled with rehearsals and various events. Anyhow, we enjoyed a cozy night in with Thor, popcorn & peanut m&m's (my world would simply fall apart if peanut m&m's contained gluten, praise God they don't! ;) oh and our (clean) snuggly Blakely! (He paid a visit to the groomer today...he always comes back so happy and full of pride; it's as if he knows he's beautiful).

I'd say tonight was a great night....and with that, I'm done rambling. Hope you too enjoyed your Wednesday!

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