Monday, December 30, 2013

Simple Living

I hope the past week has been so full for you friends.  I cannot believe we're in the final moments of 2013.  Can you??

As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the months behind - wishing I had done this or that, had been more organized, less stressed, more disciplined, less distracted, more present, less busy.  So tonight, I sat in the quiet of my parents' cozy, Christmas-lit living room and jotted down some things I'd like to do differently in 2014.  

- Inductively study the Bible
- Pay off debts
- Be more organized
- Travel beyond US boarders
- Work towards purchasing a home
- Purchase a 2nd car
- Grow my Chloe + Isabel business

Those were some of the more practical things, but laced throughout that list, I found myself writing little things like....

- Enjoy my husband daily
- Be joyful!
- Be others centered
- Serve
- Be more generous
- Share more of my life
- Live more simply
- Cherish the little things

In my youth I dreamt of the years ahead of me, however, as I grow older, I realize that every breath is a gift, every moment a privilege.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so more than ever, I desire to live in the here and the now.  As I glance over my goals for 2014, I find a common theme - savor and simplify.  I truly hope to savor and cherish each day as it comes and goes, and I plan to simplify.  So here's to year two thousand and fourteen ~


I hope you are full and rich.  Brimming with adventure, blessings, growth, and warmth.  I hope you bring about establishment - completing the work once began in me and establishing more of the woman, once created to be. I hope you're full of joy, gratitude and thankfulness.  And lastly, I hope you are simple.  Keeping a heavenly perspective is my heart's #1 desire as I follow your footsteps and venture into your unknown.  I look forward to what you hold and I wait in great anticipation.  

Yours truly, 


What do you have to say to 2014?


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