Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...Let the Holidays begin!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I hope you had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and hope you're enjoying lots of quality time with loved ones and left overs.

It's been such a busy month {hence the neglected blog posts}.  From our 3 week flooded apartment fiasco, to celebrating 3 years of marriage with my handsome groom, traveling to SoCal for a week long worship leader's conference to preparing for and hosting Thanksgiving.  A whirlwind, I tell you!

Here's a little peek of the past month...

{Hubby & I at the CCWL Conference}

{My Thanksgiving table}

{Gluten Free Apple Pie Success!  I was so proud of this!}

{My first turkey ... also successful!  So happy it didn't disappoint.}

{I've been busy busy crocheting gifts for loved ones and decided to restock my Etsy shop with a few items...I'm offering FREE shipping to PPS friends, use code : PPSFREESHIP}

I've so missed blogging, and look forward to pulling together some of my favorite Christmas decor ideas and recipes...happy shopping this weekend.  Be safe!



  1. love all these pictures! hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. glad you had a good thanksgiving! your thanksgiving table looks lovely! :)

  3. LOVE those glasses that you used on Thanksgiving!

  4. So glad whitney reminded me of your blog. So cute. Looking forward to worshipping with you guys come Christmas!

  5. I love your Thanksgiving table! happy 3rd anniversary!


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