Monday, September 3, 2012

Honest Housewife: Going With the Flow

Family beach trip! {sort of}
Me, Emerson{shaded}, Hunter and Shawn.

Dearest Friend,
Last week we decided to get away for a night! 
In desperate need of family time, Shawn made a call to his Grandparents who graciously blessed us with their beach house in Lincoln City for the weekend!
After the boys woke up from their morning nap on Saturday, we packed up the minivan and headed off towards the ocean. 
The Hood to Coast race was going on so we took the longer, more scenic route which actually ended up being nice to just spend that extra time with Shawn, talking and then silently taking in the beautiful creation around us. My heart began to fill with a peaceful calm that only the sights and sounds and smells of nature can bring...
Hunter and Emerson were awesome! They were happy the first hour of our drive, and then slept the last half. {it took us a little under 2 hours to get there with a brief stop for coffee}
The beach house is really more of a lake house, but it's still just a few minutes drive away from the beach. 
Well as soon as we arrived, the four of us spent time outside on their deck. Hunter and Emerson lay in the warm salty air laughing as the breeze blew across their little bodies, and gosh it felt good to be away from our home with all the responsibilities of laundry and cleaning and bills and... all of our day to day thoughts were put on hold! 
Here we basked in the wonderful hours of freedom that were before us.
The boys took another short nap and afterwards we decided to go to the outlet mall in town. I bought some cute pajamas for my babies, a cookbook for the sister in law and a t-shirt for Shawn. {I'm saving my 'personal' $'s for something special.}
Again, the boys were super chill! Hanging out, taking in the sights of a shoppers heaven and smiling/staring at all the people who passed by. Eventually they did begin to get a bit fussy when it was time to feed them, so we went back to the house for dinner and sleep, with plans to spend the next morning at the beach.
Sunday morning Emerson and Hunter were grumpy, tired and out of their element. Also, as many diapers as I had brought {I thought I grabbed too many}, it was still not enough and Shawn had to run to Safeway to pick up a pack while I stayed back with the boys since Hunter had decided to poop right after we changed him with the last diaper! 
Then it was time for a nap and if we'd stayed any longer it would have been too late to get home early like we'd wanted to and it just didn't fall into place like we'd imagined so... we didn't actually go to the beach on our beach trip. Instead, we packed everything up, piled back into our sweet ride and headed inland while the boys fell asleep to the hum of the tires, rolling us home.
Sigh... I LOVE the beach! And if you know me well, you'd know that for me to be so close, and not actually walk on the sand and hear the tide lap at the shore just inches from my toes... is absolutely crazy! 
But that morning, in making the decision to head back to Portland, I knew that I was doing right by letting go of what I initially wanted for the sanity of my family. The boys wouldn't remember it {if they'd been taken to the beach}, Shawn didn't care, and I... I could go again sometime. I'd been a thousand times before. And this super short vacation, was about my family and relaxing, not about the beach. Some other time we can dedicate to making memories while playing in the sand and jumping in the waves and flying kites and... that just wasn't for last weekend.
I definitely wanted to stand at the edge of land and sea... but with this role of Motherhood now upon me, I'm learning all the more what it is to go with the flow. 
The more willing I am to lay aside my plans, the more my mind is set at ease. Hunter and Emerson are my most important responsibilities by far!
Now is not the time to be selfish. 
At first I thought that letting go of what I wanted was such a bummer! 
But these days, I'm realizing that my letting go is actually a gift to two little children, and that's starting to feel pretty good. 
I'm learning to let go of my 'plans' or at least hold them loosely. Becoming more flexible is becoming a strength of mine rather than a weakness.
I said "no" to the beach {which again is MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH!} and instead said "yes" to what my sons needed.
Still, I can't wait for the day when they get to see the ocean!
"Oregon coast, we'll be back."
For now, going with the flow and taking life one day at a time is where it's at... 
Anyway, there's a whole lot of surprise and adventure wrapped up into that kinda of living right?! You never know what you're gonna get ;)

Living on the Edge!
Honest Housewife


  1. Such a handsome looking family! :) being as to let go is seriously such a powerful thing. It's not what we want to do but it benefits us in the end, and it's truly important . It helps us all grow!
    Enjoy your day danya! :))

    1. I agree Taylor!

      This post was actually from my dear friend Amber (and yes, she has a very handsome family :) I always love her honesty.

      Hope you have a wonderful week!! -d

  2. So glad you enjoyed your mini vacation and time to relax with the family. Sometimes just getting away is more important than the actual destination.


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