Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday : Nine to Five

Happy Friday Friends!

So as I mentioned yesterday, my lovely sister is sharing her voice with PPS today and I cannot wait for you to hear what she has to say!  New to the blogging world, but a seasoned writer with a passion for fashion, I knew you would love her spin on staying chic in the workplace!

Enough from me...hope you have a wonderful weekend!  XO - d


Let me introduce myself!  I'm Chesli, sister to Ms. Pink Peony herself, Danya.  I love to write and I love fashion, good food, and traveling!  As a working woman, I've learned a lot about how what you wear in the workplace can affect your mood and even your productivity.  I'll be sharing some ideas with you over a 4 part series to see if we can't liven up that professional wardrobe of yours!

Fashion 9-5 Tired of feeling as blah as your office?  When you work a full-time load day after day, sometimes you start to blend in with those taupe walls and muted-toned paintings on the wall behind the copy machine.  

May this be a lifeline to your fashion sense!  I've learned that looking sharp and like you, helps keep the blues at bay in the workplace, and keeps you energized with confidence.

Work fashion basics. Every female professional should own a suit of some sort - just one goes a long way!  If you're shaking your head at me, know that I didn't want one either.  It seemed like giving in to the boring norms of the workplace.  But my dear mother and sister convinced me I needed one.  And gosh, I used that sucker all through college and graduated with a 3.8!  It is now a staple in my wardrobe, and I mix and match with it all the time.  

The fun part is mixing in your favorite pieces from your wardrobe and bringing your touches to it.  Love scarves?  Add a floral one to your crisp, white button up (one that matches your pretty pink nail polish, of course.)  Adore nautical?  (Me too!)  Match brown leather flats or heels with your favorite brown leather belt and put it over your navy blue and white striped crew neck or cardigan.  Don't forget the red lipstick!  

Here are a couple of my favorite creations...

Don't get bored. Browse for inspiration often.  My go-to for inspiration is J. Crew.  I also like Banana Republic's professional wear (I got my grey skirt suit there.)  The goal is to love what you put together, put it on in the morning, and go from there.  It's so nice being able to forget my exterior because I am confident in it and be myself.  

I leave you with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald : "When a girl feels that she's perfectly groomed and dressed, she can forget that part of her.  That's charm."


  1. Thanks Chesli, I enjoyed your article! I'm always trying to mix up the wardrobe in the professional department. Thanks for some fresh ideas! -Whitney

    1. Thanks Whitney! I hope you've liked the following posts too :) I'm always looking for fresh ideas for work wear too. It can get so boring if you slack off, haha :)


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