Monday, August 6, 2012

Honest Housewife: Short but Sweet

Dearest Friend,
Last night the weather outside was frightful!
Frightfully warm that is!
Our sweet little babes were uncomfortably hot so the Hubs and I lay them down on our bed for a while and slowly but surely it cooled a bit and we put them back in their cribs for the evening.
With two fans blowing the warm air around their room, they slept soundly, praise Jesus!
All that to say, I didn't spend time writing to you like I normally do on Sunday nights...
And now today, I'm busy packing so I don't have anything too fancy to say at this moment either...
You all understand how life can be busy though! It's crazy sometimes!
There's a lot to do!! {we're moving this weekend and so far, I only have 2 boxes ready...}
Hunter and Emerson are napping, and it's time to get busy!

I pray you had a lovely weekend!
If you haven't yet, you should read up on all things Pink Peony Style!
So many fun summery ideas concerning all things fashion, food and home!
Honest Housewife

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