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Fashion Friday : Summer Splurge or Save??

I've confessed before that I'm a self-proclaimed product junkie {anyone who has lived with me would agree}.  After marriage, my poor husband quickly learned that I have first dibs on all available cabinet and counter space {don't worry - he has a small shelf in the medicine cabinet}.

Needless to say, I've tried a lot of beauty products.  Some good, some not so good.  Today, I thought I'd dish on my recent favorites {and I hope to hear of yours as well...from one product lover to another}.


Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skincare System - My skin never looked better!  It's clear.  It's clean.  And it glows!  It's certainly on the pricey side, but if you have it in the budget, it is oh so worth it!  {It's rarely in my budget, but when it is, my skin is so happy.}

This is a swiss skincare system packed with vitamin C and other amazing anti aging ingredients.  They use only the best {and they leave out the harmful, not so healthy ingredients - hence the hefty price tag...most bottles average around $50 each}.


Giovanni D:tox System - This is my wallet friendly alternative to Arbonne.  Around $8 a bottle, this system has a great {gentle, yet effective} cleanser, purifying scrub, replenishing moisturizer and purifying mask.  It uses volcanic ash, activated charcoal and antioxidants to pull out impurities.  

Summer Must Have 

Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque - This mask is amazing.  Perfect for sunburnt or winter dry skin.  It's packed with healing aloe, soothing kelp, calming lavender and gentle rosewater.  Sometimes I put it in the fridge to soothe a red face, or in the past have left it on over night to hydrate dry skin.  It's something my cabinet never lacks.  {It's a little less expensive here.}


Pureology Perfect4Platinum - This shampoo & conditioner is such a great source of moisture and strength to my color/heat treated hair.  When it's in my budget, I love to splurge on this set cause it leaves my hair feeling healthy, shiny and totally moisturized {without weighing it down}.  


Umberto Beverly Hills - I stumbled upon this at Target while on the hunt for higher quality hair care without the steep price tag and decided to try the trial size {this is big for me, cause I NEVER use drugstore products on my hair}.  To my surprise I loved it {and got several compliments on my hair after my first few uses}.  About $9 a bottle, it's a great duo when money is tight.  It keeps hair lightly moisturized and silky without making it heavy or causing buildup.  Not bad Target, not bad.

Summer Must Have

Juice Organics Brightening Shampoo - With all of the chlorine in my shower water {and I even have a purifier attached, but I can still feel and smell it}, my hair loses its shine quickly.  It also causes my shampoos to build up no matter what I use.  This organic {& affordable - about $9 in stores, $7 here} shampoo is my once a week goto, giving my hair a fresh start.  Perfect after summer swimming & sweating.


All Around Must Have

SpaCell Body & Face Sponge - My neighbor works for the company that makes these sponges and he gave them to hubby and I as a gift.  I was skeptical at first glance {he claimed it helped reduce cellulite and regenerate skin cells} but after a week or two of use, I was a believer!  These have become my most used and most loved body tools.  Made from a light weight anti-microbial material, these sponges dry incredibly fast and never harbor yucky bacteria.  The Body Mitt is a great replacement for molding {and bacteria-loving} loofas and sponges, and it does exactly as our neighbor says it does - encourages cell regeneration thus causing cellulite to disappear.  {I seriously thought I was going crazy - after about 2 weeks of daily use, my legs were cellulite free!}  The smaller pink mitt is the Facial Sponge - the pink side is a tad thicker, acting as an exfoliant and the clear side is more gentle, perfect for removing makeup or cleansing in the morning.  {Thanks Steve!!}
This website wrote a great review on these two products if you'd like to read more.


These "tools" are a deal no matter how you look at it!

E.L.F. Studio Brushes - I try to replace my makeup brushes yearly.  Sure I clean them, but after 365 days of use and several cleanings, they begin to show their wear.  And I'm sure we all know that good brushes are expensive.  I've tried brushes from Bare Escentuals and Sephora, and while I loved them, it got expensive trying to replace them yearly.  After reading a review in a beauty magazine, I decided to order a handful of E.L.F studio brushes {averaging at $3 a brush - what a steal!!}.  The verdict?  I love them!  They're just as great as my expensive brushes and they're a fraction of the price.  I'll be a return user for sure!
{Use promo code "TAF20" at checkout to receive 20% off your entire E.L.F. order.}

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner - Speaking of cleaning brushes, this spray cleanser is a great daily cleanser to use in between real cleanings.  A spray or two on each brush after I use it, keeps it fresh and bacteria free.  And at $3 a bottle, why not??

E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set - And lastly, the makeup mist.  This is a great way to set or refresh your makeup application.  Just one spritz will do.  It keeps your makeup bright, fresh and in place all day.  This too is just $3.00 - who can resist??

That's it for the Summer Splurge or Save - hope it was helpful!  Would love to hear your thoughts on any of these products & would die to hear know your favorite summer products are!  

Happy weekend!

*This is not a sponsored post.  These are simply my own opinions.

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  1. I'm a total product junky too!!!!
    Never tried any of the ones you shared though... hmmm think maybe I should go pick up a few new goodies for myself ;)
    Love you friend!


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