Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midweek Favorites

It's been an extra hard week for Blakely, as you can see...

{Yesterday's nap on the couch}

{"Recovering" from our walk this morning - I got out of the shower to find this}

Life is just so exhausting, I had to share. :)

In between cleaning the apt, unpacking from this weekend's women's retreat and sorting through piles of laundry, I thought I'd share two irresistible deals I came across this morning.

Are you familiar with Julep??  If not, you need to be!  Jamie from FashionistaMusings recently landed a job at Julep {a nail boutique} and she's been telling me about their program called Julep Maven.  It's a subscription service that sends two of their unreleased polishes & an extra {think lotion, scrub, nail file, etc} to your door each month for a flat fee of $19/month {which is a great deal, considering a bottle of polish runs about $14 a pop}.  As a Maven, you'll also receive a 20% discount on your purchases, free shipping and a few other perks. Fast drying, long lasting, and toxin free - who wouldn't want to wear one of their many beautiful colors??  

So here's the deal - you can try your first Julep Maven box for a penny!  {Yes, I said a penny!}  Head to Julep Maven, take their style quiz and add your Maven Box to your cart.  At checkout enter promo code : PENNY {You must be a first time Maven}. How fun is that??  My style was "Classic with a Twist" {pictured above}.  I cannot wait to receive my box and give the polish a shot!  What's your style??

My absolute FAVORITE gadget these days is my CBTL Kaldi Espresso Maker.  I love this machine.  I actually won it {I know!  Me, win something?!?!  No way!} as a giveaway from Marla's blog FamilyFreshCooking

{A homemade Coconut Milk Chai Latte}

The CBTL Kaldi is a single serve coffee maker that makes brewed coffee, brewed tea, espresso and hot chocolate at the touch of a button.  Amazing right??  It truly does make the perfect cup of coffee every time I use it.  My girlfriend & barista, Lauren, showed me how to make all of my favorite drinks, so now I make delicious lattes and macchiatos in my own kitchen every morning!  {I'm sure you've seen my instagram and twitter accounts littered with photo upon photo of beautiful homemade drinks lately....this would be the reason.}

So why am I raving about this machine?  Because it was featured on the Today Show this morning and they're offering a killer discount on it!  Retailed at $314.39, the CBTL Kaldi could be yours for $99!  Head to this page - CBTL  and enter promo code TODAYCBTL to receive the discount.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!  Would love to hear if you are a Julep or CBTL fan.  Happy Wednesday!

*FYI : I'm sharing these products with you because I love them.  This is not a sponsored post.

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