Monday, July 9, 2012

Honest Housewife: Now is The Time

Dearest Friend,
This week I read to my sons of days long ago,
How land was formed and animals created.
They heard of Adam and Eve and the birds and the sea. And we observed, as we sat beneath the sky and the trees, that indeed, God had done an incredible thing when He spoke the earth into being.

We spend as many moments outside as possible. Sharing smiles and spreading laughter...
Both Hunter and Emerson love to talk. {Really, being 3 months old, their talking is just a 'babble', but still, they love to communicate}. As I read to them from The Jesus Storybook Bible both boys lit up, staring inquisitively at the colorful pages and responding with smiles as I pointed to the vast blue sky above, telling them it was the same matter that God has made many years ago.

...I wonder who my handsome little men will grow up to be... How will they shine Jesus and what parts of His character will they naturally take on...
And then I begin to wonder, "How am I showing Hunter and Emerson the love of God today, that they would know it, and pass it on to others in time...
Am I showing them what it is to be attentive to others needs, and joy, or peace that passes all understanding?...
Are they getting to know Jesus? As they get to know me? Oh I pray that they are!
My heart is to speak the name of Jesus often in our home! Telling my babes that this or that is from Him, or like Him, or not...
Though they are young, it's never too early to share Truth with them!
And that causes me to wonder...
Are we always waiting for the perfect moment to share Christ and His Truth with others?
Waiting till we think that they'd actually get it? Waiting for the time when they would finally be in a place of accepting Him??
NOW IS THE TIME! Is it not?
Silly too that we skirt around really truly sharing Jesus, and instead we love and comfort and encourage, but never speak His name.
It's more sad than silly.
Jesus died for us!
My computer battery is dying and I need to get some sleep before I feed these babes of mine again.
Let's love not just for the sake of love this week, but because Jesus loves! And as we do so, let's share with those around us that it's Christ's love that deserves the praise... our kindness should lead always to Him.

Dear Sisters and Friends, I love you!
Thank you for shining the Lords love and encouragement into my life over the last few months as these new babies have entered my world.
Your words are so very uplifting.
Happy Monday Lovelies!
Amber - The Honest Housewife

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  1. Amber, I love this! Earlier today, I was just listening to a Francis Chan message about sharing our faith, God must be telling me something...I'm encouraged.

    Thank you! -d


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