Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heart : The Cross Is Enough

Hi Sweet Friends,

I hope you've had a chance to explore the new PPS and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Amber, Melanie and Jamie!  It's been fun beautifying things, reading responses from readers and making new friends through all of this.  Thanks for all of your participation and comments!  I love hearing from you.  {And a big WELCOME to new friends/readers!}

I have to be honest, with blogging {and any social media, I suppose} it's so tempting to put only your best forward - to promote yourself as flawless and perfect as possible.  But that's not human.  The most beautiful women I know are those who have embraced their flaws, gracefully grown in their weaknesses and aren't afraid to let people in on the good, bad and the ugly.  So in effort to maintain reality, I'm going to do my very very best to resist the temptation of false perfection.  If you and I are going to build any kind of friendship here, I need to be transparent and real.  So here's one of many efforts...

I'm pretty typical in the sense that I love beautiful things.  I love to explore new places.  I hope to do lots of traveling in my lifetime.  I have a super amazing husband and a spunky yorkie named Blakely.  {You can read more about the two men in my life here.}  I have a lot of good in my life.  But I have plenty of ugly too....

Yesterday was one of those days, whether it be hormones or just waking up on the "wrong side of the bed," who knows?  But whatever the reason, I was in a terrible mood.  {In my defense, I did struggle sleeping the night before.  The neighbor above us never sleeps.  I'm convinced he's a vampire.  He's up all hours of the day/night.  And I promise, he sprints from room to room, flushes the toilet every 10-20 minutes and grinds coffee between all activities.  He's the nicest man, and I mean nothing bad of him, however, his sleeplessness results in my sleeplessness.}  In my inability to sleep yesterday morning, I got up early, made my way to the couch, turned on the fire {yes, we can turn the fire on with the flip of a switch and we use it daily, as the temp is usually between 50's-low 70's}, made a cup of tea and had my quiet time.  It was lovely - until my husband woke up and bless his heart, he decided to be "helpful."  He did dishes from the previous evening's dinner party with friends, sorted laundry, hauled it to the laundry mat up the mountain {seriously, I have to carry my laundry up a stinkin mountain...okay maybe it's a hill, but it feels like a mountain when you have a weeks worth of dirty clothes in an oversized rubbermaid container}, took Blakely out, etc.  In his efforts to help me, I got frustrated with his noisy interruptions to my "quiet time."  Thus was the beginning of my sour mood.  Totally irritated, I dropped him off at work, ran a few errands and headed home.  "God, please cheer me up," I prayed.  You know those days you just can't shake a bad mood?  I was stuck.  Nothing helped.  So I got back into pj's and put on a movie.

It was quickly approaching 6:30pm and our summer Wednesday night series Life Church was about to begin.  "Maybe I'll just stay in pj's and see if hubby can get a ride home from someone," I thought.  "No!  I need to get dressed and go."  The war continued until 6:20.  Looking at Blakely, I finally decided to put a pair of jeans on and go, and boy am I glad I did.  Pastor Nate was in 1 Kings {where I had been earlier that morning in my personal quiet time}, sharing about Elijah.  Elijah was a man whom God took favor in, He supernaturally provided for and used in mighty ways.  A man who knew how to pray, wasn't afraid to ask for the impossible and was persistent in his prayers.  The message hit home and the worship time to follow was sweet.

A newer song hubby and I have been singing lately is "Jesus Son of God" from the latest Passion album {Chris Tomlin}.  I've found myself repeating the bridge of the song several times over the past week and wouldn't you know it, the worship team closed last night with it....

"Be lifted higher than all You've overcome
Your name is louder than any other song
There is no power that can come against Your love
The cross was enough 
The cross was enough."

No matter the mood I'm in, or the circumstances that surround me, nothing can negate the love He has for me {or you} - the cross is enough

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  1. I laughed when I first began reading this... We call our neighbor upstairs "thunder foot" and my Hubby has done the exact same thing as yours before while I'm trying to have quiet time :) They are so helpful like that.

    Thanks for the encouraging post.
    I'm needing to pray all the more these days... and sometimes I forget.
    God is able! Every single day!!


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