Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turquoise Bilss

Spring is so close, I can almost feel it! In Florida, spring comes and goes all too quickly {usually, only lasting a few weeks}.  It's the most glorious time of year.  The breeze drifts over the ocean and into the small beach town, the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are greener than green, the white sands are glistening and the ocean is a sparkling turquoise - more inviting than bath water.  But here in Monterey, I have a feeling spring is going to be very different.  The weather seems to vary from day to day.  One day it's cold and foggy, the next its warm and sunny and then the following it's sunny with a biting wind blowing off the Monterey Bay.  I like the variety.  Its more variety than I ever had at home, but it's a bit confusing.  The Florida girl in me just wants to pull out my beach bag and a good book and head to the beach, but that probably won't be happening till my trip home in May.

Anyhow, today was on the warmer side {I was actually able to run with a mere tank top and forgo the sweatshirt}, my skin was overjoyed to feel the sun kissing it, to say the least.  It brought back sweet memories of days relaxing on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico.  Just thinking of all that turquoise water made me anxious to see blue of any shade!  So what do I do in a moment like that?  Shop!  {Well, I haven't committed to any purchases just yet cause hubby has us on a budget, but hey! My birthday is in two weeks??}

I found the most lovely turquoise heels and a fabulous clutch to go with.  All you need is a white tank, a great pair of denim, and wavy locks - you're golden!

{Sorry it's came from Pinterest and it served as my inspiration for my turquoise hunt}

{Shoes from Michael Antonio}

{Clutch from Marketa New York Shop on Etsy}

{Oh!  And this beautiful Gold Leaf Cuff would polish the look nicely}
{Catherine Weitzman Plumeria Leaf Golf Cuff}

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