Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Mine??

Valentines Day - the most loved, yet most dreaded holiday is just two days away and while I've never been one to anticipate the day, I've been thinking about it more this year than usual.  First of all - I am so very blessed to fall into the "happily married" department, but I feel so deeply for friends of mine who have lost a loved one, have been wounded by a loved one, or are without love.  It a tough day for some, if you fall into one of those categories, I am so very sorry.  Love is truly a gift - one I don't always feel worthy of.  But regardless of which category you may or may not fall into, there is someOne always willing to be yours - He'll hold your heart closer than any boy, man, lover, can, could or would.

Anyhow, In honor of the day, {we're celebrating tomorrow, since hubby is off} I think I just may wear my highest heels, ruby red lips and indulge in a bit of chocolate {shhhh....don't tell Tracy Anderson}.  We decided not to do gifts this year since we've been so caught up in settling into our new little home, and instead, we're spending a WHOLE day together.  I love that & I'm looking forward to it!  And when next year arrives, I promise to decorate, and make sweet little valentines, and bake cute little g-free valentine treats. :)  Anyone else have plans for v-tines day? ?

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