Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings & Weekend Recap

After running errands and spending some time with my mom this afternoon, I was happy to come home to a package with my name on it.  (Don't you love mail? Well, fun mail?  Usually it's just bills and credit card companies after my business, but every once in a while I get fun mail. :)  It was my much anticipated order of tree branch buttons!  Aren't they fun??

I started crocheting these gorgeous cowls last winter for friends as Christmas gifts and totally meant to make myself one, but I was crocheting till March for other people before I even had an opportunity to think of myself.  Needless to say, I wasn't ready to face a needle and yarn till September.  A few weeks ago I finally decided to break out the yarn and make myself one, but it didn't come easily.  I was half way done with MY very own beautiful cowl, when my Blakely (yr old Yorkie) got a hold of it and chewed a nice large hole through the middle of it, washing it down with half of my needle (no worries, he didn't actually swallow it...just chewed it to pieces).  Nothing motivates me more than frustration - I headed straight to JoAnn's the next day, bought a new needle and several spools of yarn and made my little fingers busy.  I was finally able to make the project complete once my buttons arrived today.  A little larger than I anticipated (see below), but I think I like the oversized buttons made from a maple tree branch.  Now I need the weather to accompany it.

{Button on right was the size I was anticipating.}

{Finished Product!}

Here's the pattern if you wish to make yourself one.  I won't lie - it's time consuming.  Oruaka Cowl

Changing the subject - we had a fabulous weekend!  Made a big gfree brunch on Friday, did some painting, had a double date night Saturday with my parents at one of our favorite restaurants on the beach followed by gfree brownies and card games, and enjoyed a beach baptism and picnic with friends and family from our church.  It couldn't have been better!  Here are a few photos from my phone...

{Painting & watching chick-flicks}

{Date Night!}

{G-Free Brunch}

{Candid pic of me and my nephew Sawyer...most precious kid ever!}

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