Monday, September 26, 2011


Tonight I find myself sitting in my home office, slightly defeated.  Okay...I lied, more than slightly....TOTALLY defeated & overwhelmed by the mess that's taken over this room.  It's tragic.  Piles and piles (and did I mention piles?) of unread mail, bills, magazines, catalogues, printed papers, sheet music, insurance forms, sticky notes, receipts, bank statements, etc. crowd my desk and surround my feet right now as I type.  If that's not enough, I'm also surrounded by unpacked boxes (we've lived here for almost 2 years now, sad I know), unfinished sewing projects, half painted canvas', boxes of unsent wedding invites (November will be two years - ha!), remnants of floral projects, tupperware bins of old year books and unsold college text books (surely outdated), and an uncleaned wedding gown cascading from the closet to my left - how's a girl to be inspired in such a mess??

{one of many piles}

My husband teases me for my messy living - I like to call it "organized chaos."  Ask me where  that Office Depot coupon last landed or that box of business cards was tucked away and I can tell you, but even I have to say that there's a point where "organized chaos" reaches just plain messy.  *sigh*  I foresee a major de-clutter, reorganize day in my very near future.  Until then, I'm dreaming of one of these beautifully organized home office spaces.

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