Friday, August 26, 2011

Sticky Design

Last weekend, hubby and I were on our way to a fun little "day-cation."  During our drive, I decided to catch up on my magazine reading - if you're anything like me, by the end of the week you have a nice little pile of unread magazines staring at you, longing for at least a peak.  Anyhow, I was thumbing through one of my favorite reads, Elle Decor September 2011, and came across one of the most intriguing articles I've come by in a while - "Sticker Shock" featuring the work of 25 year old New Yorker, Payton Turner.  She creates stunning wall art out of thousands of tiny stickers.  While the stickers are fun and a bit child-like, she manages to produce elegant and sophisticated wall coverings.  Some of the stickers she's used depict images of candy dots, popcorn bags, animals, flowers, musical instruments and many other quirky images.  I couldn't help but share her work - I love how light, airy and whimsical her designs become.  Who knew stickers could make a room shine?  My question for Payton would be, how on earth does each design look so symmetrical?  You can find more about Payton Turner here.  Enjoy!

Want to try your hand at sticker decor?  Some of the same stickers Payton uses can be found below.


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