Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Must-Haves and Current Events...

I'm a terrible blogger....I know.  I'll have a good week of several posts and then you won't hear from me for months.  My absence hasn't been due to laziness - that's for sure!  Summer has arrived (in case you haven't set foot outside in the past month) and life is in full swing.

Since my last post, I've traveled to the west coast and participated in an event that is near and dear to my heart - a Wonderfully Made Conference, vacationed with my husband and family to the beautiful Rosemary Beach (just before the tourists hit - woohoo), survived a Collyer family reunion (my husband is one of eight children if that gives you any idea of the size of his family :), and have been assisting my hubby in planning next week's Mission Week + Youth Conference for the high school youth group he is currently pastoring.  Can you say crazy month??  Needless to say, I haven't had much time for hobbies - ie. design and decor.  So instead of sharing my latest inspiration (or lack of), I thought I'd share some of the neat things I've enjoyed/discovered over the past few weeks along with some of the things that will get me through the hot, humid summer ahead.  Hope you enjoy!  Would love to hear what your summer must-haves are, please share....

This was a quaint little book store that just opened in downtown Rosemary Beach.  B & I spent a few hours perusing their book collection and enjoying the down time.  The owner & staff were as friendly as they come. :)

Frozen Yogurt

This cool treat was something I looked forward to daily during my stay in Arroyo Grande, CA.  Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt is everywhere along the West Coast.  We're still catching on here, on the Gulf Coast; but for those who are local, we do have a few shops in Destin (32 degrees & Twirl) and rumor has it, we'll have a few in Pensacola very soon.  :)  My favorite is the Classic Tart (or Euro Tart in Cali) with strawberries, kiwi, chocolate chips and marshmallows....

This bag was a birthday gift a few months ago, but was a real trooper during my recent travels.  Not only is it super cute, but it's durable and holds a TON!  It's padded and lined with a soft fabric inside and has two pockets outside with a durable plastic covering of some sort.  Also has tough handles for toting all of those cute summer dresses and wedges. ;)  I did everything I could to avoid checking a bag while flying cross country, and this bag was perfect.  It also toted all of my essentials during my Rosemary stay and will be accompanying me to St. Pete this weekend during our youth conference.  :)

This wins for best (and most inexpensive) summer investment, by far!  I recently purchased a pair of Goody Spin Pins and I'm in love.  Each box comes with a pack of two spiraled pins that do the work of many bobby pins without the hassle.  I have medium-length hair and they easily keep my hair in place (Even during an intense workout. I put them to the test during last week's bootcamp).  They retail at about $6 for a set of two, come in two different shades & sizes to match your hair's length and color, and can be purchased at most convenience stores.  

Old Navy's Perfect Shorts

I'm always searching for a pair of comfy shorts that aren't too tight, short or loose around the waist, but I hit the jackpot this weekend at my local Old Navy.  They truly have the "perfect short" - normally $20, they were on sale for $12 and had a great selection of colors and lengths.  I couldn't resist the mustard pair I walked out with - they're a perfect fit, soft (97% cotton) & long enough to not feel exposed (5" inseam).   Head to your local store to find them - the online store doesn't seem to have the sale or the color selection they had in-store this weekend.

And new Moleskine Recipe Journal

I LOVE this!  
I've recently discovered that I can no longer eat gluten, and I often find myself frustrated come 4:00pm as I scour the internet for gluten free recipes and dinner ideas.  Yes, I have a few gf recipe books, but they don't always guarantee a quick, easy and yummy dinner.  I stumbled upon the Moleskine Recipe Journal during our stay in Rosemary and just knew I had to make it part of my kitchen book collection.  I've already begun to fill it with favorite recipes old and new with my gluten free substitutions.  My days of frustration are coming to an end.  Of course, this would have been great prior to my gf diet, as I have scattered recipes on printed paper, cards from wedding showers and favorite cook books - this ensures they're neatly kept in one place and all the changes, suggestions and adaptations can be noted to your liking.  


  1. Everything sounds so exciting! How cool that you flew over to the conference, I so wanted to go. Hopefully making it out in October to the St. Petersburg conf.

    God bless you. Have a wonderful and eventful summer.

  2. Hi Sweet girl, thanks for stopping by. The conference was beautiful - so loved being part of it. We're actually planning a wm conference Oct 7-8th in Gulf Breeze, FL :) Would LOVE for you to come...we'll have conference/travel info available soon....check back in a few weeks.


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