Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday: Nine to Five

Happy Friday, dear reader!

This is the last post of my September Nine to Five segment - at least, for now! I will possibly be back for future endeavors. But it has been my pleasure to share my workplace fashion favorites with you, and thank you to all who read!

9-5: Working with Color

Okay, working bright color into my professional wardrobe has been very hard for me - you're reading from Queen Matchy-matchy herself. When neons and loud patterns started becoming popular, I didn't know what to do with them! But after some experimenting, and of course, some inspiration from J. Crew, I've fallen in love.

Here are some tips: if you don't feel comfortable being bright head to toe, color tastefully splashed can be just as effective (see above.) Or, choose one half to be bright and soften it with a warmer version of it, a pattern, or a neutral shade.


If you're feeling on the braver side, why not try mixing a bold pattern with a simple pattern?

...or just mix it with some layered solids for texture:
Last thing - I'm really loving colored suits. They sort of remind me of 1940s secretaries, and I love anything that puts me in a past era! Here's a modern take...

{all via *J.Crew}

That's all for today folks! Don't be afraid to incorporate bright colors into your work closet, as long as you style it with the workplace in mind. Keep it classy, keep it modest, keep it professional. Wear something that puts you on the right foot for your workday! 


*Quick note! If you think I'm crazy out of my mind for suggesting J. Crew to you, you're right. Look for J. Crew factory stores and outlets, which are ballparks cheaper than the real deal. Little known fact: all J. Crew stores offer a 15% student discount, and if I'm not mistaken, a teacher discount as well. I am always scanning their clearance sales, which most of my pieces have come from!


  1. I love this post and can totally relate because just this weekend I went shopping for the first time months and my goal was to find colorful pieces to make my usually neutral fall wardrobe more colorful.

    1. Did you find anything bold?? :) -d


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