Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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So you know those cute little succulent terrariums we're seeing all over Pinterest these days?  Well, I couldn't resist making one {or three} for myself.  Who doesn't love a pretty little plant pristinely layered in a pretty little jar?

This was such an easy and quick project, but I learned a few things along the way and thought I'd share...

You'll need :
- A jar {mason jars are adorable, or fancy jars/vases work, fish bowls are cute too!  I recycled a few salsa jars and found a fun fancy one at Marshalls.}
- Pebbles {found at a home improvement store or a pet store if you want different colors}
- Soil {make sure it's suitable for succulents}
- Activated Charcoal {found in pet stores, in the fish department - activated carbon is the same thing}
- Spagnum Moss {optional, also found at a home improvement store}
- An Assortment of Succulents {cuttings will work too, if you already have succulents around your yard. Cut them, trim the leaves around the base of the cutting and lay out to dry for 2-3 days.}
     - Rooting Hormone {home improvement store - but only needed if using succulent cuttings}

{ignore the bobby pins, those were for another project}
Assemble :
  1. Clean your jar and make sure no soaps or chemicals remain.
  2. Layer in this order :
    1. Pebbles
    2. Activated Charcoal
    3. Soil
  3. Now you're ready to arrange your darling succulents - if using a cutting, dip the tip in water and then coat in rooting hormone before planting.
  4. Top with moss.
You have a terrarium!  Easy right?





I will say this little project can get expensive if you don't have many of these things on hand.  I suggest going halvsies with a friend and doing it together - you'll most likely have plenty of supplies to make several terrariums.  Plus projects are better with girlfriends anyway, right?

Link up if you have made terrariums in the past...would love to see!

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have as well {if I can}. :)

Happy planting!!

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