Monday, July 30, 2012

Honest Housewife: In it for the long haul.

Dearest Friend,
Time flies!
This was me, at 36 weeks pregnant and about to POP!
Took these pictures on Wednesday the 28th of March thinking "HOLY COW! I'm humungous!"
I remember praying, "Okay Lord, I think I'm getting tired of growing now... These days are getting kinda slow, and I feel like a beached whale most of the time. 
Please help me to have the strength to carry these babies while they thrive in my body.
 However much longer we have together like this, I want to do it happily." sigh
I wasn't about to pray that they'd be born early...
but maybe secretly, I was.
I find it hilarious that at just the right time, as I was coming to the last of my strength, God said "Okay, We'll give you a break"... Okay, maybe that's not what He said.. and really, a break?! Twins out of the body are a lot more work than twins inside of it! :)
But the very next day, Thursday the 29th of March, I was sent to the hospital for some overnight testing, and before I knew it, Saturday the 31st was upon me and I was giving birth to the two most precious people I have ever met!

Perseverance and hope and... there was no giving up.
I had been in it for the long haul.
After 36 weeks of hard work and dedication, after 9 whole months of being patient and doing my best to care for lives that I couldn't even see, the results of my sacrifice were finally within my gaze...

It was time for that journey to end, and another to begin.

After going through pictures tonight and finding these I laughed to myself thinking of how tired I was.
Weary of walking around with that mass at my front, and knowing that there was no stop button to push, no card to draw that said "skip the pregnancy-collect your babies", I had to keep on going...

I learned in that season of life, that waiting and allowing cultivation to take it's proper course, is so much better than rushing the process and being okay with less than best.
I'm not really talking about babies anymore :)
My thoughts have shifted more to other things in life.
Like marriage and jobs and plans for the future and oh you know...
All those things that you want and don't have right now.
It felt good going through my entire pregnancy and knowing that I'd reached the finish line!
That I'd made it to the end and that the prize was perfect!

How many things can you think of that you don't finish because you don't have the patience to wait, or the drive to work hard or you're too scared?
I know I've done that plenty!!!
Now-a-days, I'm called to work hard and be patient in raising my sons to be Godly, respectable, kind hearted young men.
And this is going to take much longer than 9 months!
But I'm in it for the long haul!
There's no backing down. I will work {and whistle while doing so}, thanking God for the challenge and asking Him for the strength to see me through.
There may be sorrow at times, probably a good handful of it, but there will be joy in this journey and I'm excited to see how it ends.

Are you fighting to work hard at something these days?
Or are you struggling to not let go?
What are your thoughts! I'd love to hear them!

ps Every Monday before I post here, I promise to respond to your comments from the week before. So when you read next weeks letter, come back to your comment and I'll have sent you a bit of love.


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