Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday : {Summer Trend} Layered Jewelry


Jamie from Fashionista Musings again.  Today we're talking layers...
A really fun way to update your jewelry look for Summer without spending any extra dough is the layered look. Using pieces from the collection you already own, you can mix and match depending on the occasion. Mixing different styles and textures creates a new, unique look each time. For example, try mixing brightly colored beads with leather or soft pearls with braided twine. 

A few Ideas to try mixing:
*Gold & Silver
*Metallics & Neons (Pink, Green, Yellow! Have fun with it!)
*Wood Bangles & Chain Link
*Turquoise Stone & Studded Leather 

Another way to layer up is to use pieces which are similar in nature, color or texture. Pairing several different types of pearl necklaces, for example, creates a look that is unique to you! Try on the bangle bracelets that you have. Now take a few off! Play with it and have fun. The key is experimenting with different pieces from your collection to see what you like together. If you are nervous about looking Over-Accessorized, start small with two or three pieces paired together. You can always build on your layers as the creativity strikes you. 

Remember to keep your earrings and make-up simple as you want the jewelry focus to be on your Bracelet or Necklace ensemble. Dress in solids or small prints, for example jeans and a black tank top or a white cotton sundress. Enjoy playing dress up with jewelry that maybe you haven’t worn for awhile! Above all, have fun with it! Isn’t that the pleasure of being a Girl???

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Until next week! 


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  1. I swear by layering arm pieces! I love this!!

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