Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recap

Good afternoon dear readers!

I so hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  We certainly did.  While it was busy, it was wonderful.

You didn't hear from me all last week because from sun up to sun down, I was scrambling to complete our new Calvary West building.  I had the privilege of transforming a large multi-purpose room into a beautiful and welcoming video sanctuary.  {I promise, before and after pics are coming.  I'm still adding a few finishing touches to the place.}  Easter Sunday was the launch of Calvary West and it was a hit!  We had a few bugs to work out during our first service {unfortunately}, but our second service was full - we had to bring in extra chairs.  Nothing warms my heart more, than to see (1) a FULL sanctuary, with people still streaming in & (2) people enjoy a space I created.

Here are a few weekend photos I snapped on my iPhone....

{Main Sanctuary Stage}

{Calvary West}

{Arrangements I made for Easter}

{Chalkboard signage that hangs above Calvary West info center}

{Blakely desperate for attention after a long week of me away from home}

{Brunch hubby and I had yesterday as we rested}

{My new Know Your Value print from the wm boutique!  Thanks Allie!}

{Driving around town today....it's a bit gloomy}

Our Life Group is having a potluck dinner tonight and I need to come up with a yummy gfree side, so I better get to it!  I would love to hear about your Easter.

Lots of love...

- all images via danya collyer


  1. What breed or breeds is your dog??? I have a little Bella who was a rescue and she is identical ( except all black) and I have always wanted to figure her breed out....

  2. According to the breeder, he's a yorkie, according to the vet he's a silver silky (a yorkie with finer more silky hair). Either way, we love our Blakely! I'm sure your Bella has just as fabulous a personality as our Blakely. They're so much fun! :)


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