Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Coast to Coast....

We made it!  Today marks one week of being California residents and it's also hubby's first day at his new job.  It's a bit surreal we're here. I don't know that the magnitude of what we've done will hit me for a few more weeks.  Oh. My. Goodness.

I did manage to pick up some sort of flu bug while in transit and was feeling pretty cruddy for the first few days.  (Flu + living out of a suitcase + emotions at an all time high = one hot mess of a girl)  Hubby took great care of me though, and Blakely was one sweet snuggly pup; I'm happy to say I've recovered.

The past few days have been filled with house hunting.  I knew shopping for a place to rent would be stressful and even a little depressing, considering housing is sooooo much more expensive on this coast, but nothing could have prepared me for just HOW expensive and tiny housing is here.  Our first few days of this were just sad - we found that most landlords don't allow pets, and if they do, you pay a pretty penny to keep that furry friend under your roof.  (Which is a little confusing, cause this is one dog friendly area.  Most shops have dog bowls and treats outside their front door, and some allow pets inside their businesses.)  Saturday our spirits were lifted - we found a great little apartment complex just 5 minutes away from downtown Monterey and just off the interstate for easy access to hubby's work.  And guess what??  They take pets!  We applied for the apartment yesterday and are hoping to hear back from them today or tomorrow.

While I'm thrilled we finally found something clean, close to budget and pet friendly, I have to say I'm still a bit shocked.  We came from a beautiful 1,666 sq ft home in FL and (if all goes well) we're headed to a 600 sq ft apartment.  Talk about an adjustment!  My wheels are turning - I've been scouring the internet for tips on decorating and making the most of small living spaces.  Any tips, hints or suggestions from seasoned small space dwellers, or interior designers are welcomed & appreciated.

Blakely's dying to be walked, but here are a few pics from our last few days home in Florida.  Monterey pics coming soon, I promise.

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