Monday, January 9, 2012

Eight Days & Counting....

So we're coming along....moving is SUCH a job!  Hubby has finally turned in his keys to his old job and is home to help with the move - eeesh, it's never ending.  We had a very successful garage sale last Saturday and after putting all of our big furniture on craigslist & facebook, we had it all sold in less than 48 hrs.  It's safe to say, things are coming along.  As of right now, the living room and office are PACKED!  Woohoo!  Tomorrow it's onto the kitchen.  :)  I'm going for one looooong massage once we make it to Monterrey.  That's all I have to say.

I don't know that I did much of a Christmas or New Years recap, but we had a wonderful Christmas.  Every year our church does a Christmas Eve service at this beautiful, old theater downtown.  It's such a neat way to welcome Christmas.  Hubby and I sing with the band and everyone is all dressed up for the occasion, the theater is decked out in Christmas decor and all the kids come energetic - it's one of my favorite events we do yearly.  A lot of work goes into preparing for it, but we'll miss it next year.  Check out this awesome video my cousin put together to recap our event at the Sanger.

Christmas Eve 2011 from Coastline on Vimeo.

New years was fun as well.  Hubby and I had to be up eeeeaaarrrllly the following morning, so we didn't exactly wait up to welcome 2012.  We did, however, manage to go out for dinner with my family and spend time playing card games, while sipping on sparkling cider.

That's about it for my holiday recap.  We had lots of cherished time with family and we were showered with all sorts of fun gifts.  We are really going to miss this place once we move, but we are oh so excited about the adventures ahead!  Eight days and counting....Happy 2012!

Christmas at the Sanger

{Hubbs and I singing...I love this}

{With one of B's sisters - I'm not sure why I'm standing so awkwardly}

{With more of B's sisters & my mother-in-law}

{Spending time at B's family's home}

{B's Christmas gift to me!}

{Happy New Year's resolutions, February is going to kick my bootay.}

{And this is my latest toy, as of this morning!  Get ready PinkPeonyStyle, you're about to get a makeover and lots of fabulous new photos.  Looking forward to documenting all of our Monterey adventures!}

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.  Happy 2012!  

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  1. Love your wonderful blog... as always!!

    I can't wait to read about your adventures in Cali...




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