Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who doesn't love a nook?

I'm talking about those cozy little reading spaces, not the electronic book devices.  I've been looking for inspiration for a reading nook of my own.  We have this cute little space in our living room that would be perfect, only right now its the home of a spare breakfast table.  Yes, we use the table, but our dining room isn't formal, so we could easily make do without it.  The space I'm thinking of transforming has a cutout window extending about 2 feet beyond the living room walls and a little light above.  I'm telling you, it's perfect.  I'm imaging a space that does double duty - a bench with storage that's buried beneath several plush pillows & a cute light fixture to hang above.  You see it too??  Okay, good....glad we're on the same page.  On that note here a few photos of lovely reading spaces.

{This is what I'm thinking...something similar.}

Do you have a reading space??  If so, what do you love about it most?

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