Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bloglovin...oh and sweating!

{This is what I feel like doing. ;-}

Happy weekend friends!
It's been a great weekend thus far, however, our ac went out sometime Thursday evening and I have to say it's been a bit warm and sticky.  We were hoping to have it fixed today, but you know how reliable those repair men are.  It's looking like we may just have to wait until Monday.  On the upside, tonight is date night and I always look forward to that.  We're trying a new restaurant in town called Jacos - it's a cute little place on the pier.  Also, PPS is on Bloglovin, so go follow if you're a bloglover!  :)  Hope you're less sticky than I am and enjoying your weekend.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! That photo is amazing. Thanks for finding + sharing :)

  2. hehe, so glad you enjoyed it - I chuckled too! :) -d


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