Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dress Those Walls!

I've been searching high and low to find the perfect solution to my very beige and very naked living room.  I'm certainly NOT a beige person.  The room was beige when we moved in and somehow us newlyweds acquired a beige couch and a large beige area rug to complete the ensemble.  While we were (and still are) very grateful to receive the furniture that makes up our living room, I simply cannot handle the beige.  "So, paint the room," you may say.  I wish it were that simple.  We don't own the house and we're not sure how long we plan to be in the house, so painting doesn't seem like the most practical of solutions at the moment.  Anyhow, in my search for inspiration, I've found a few neat photos I thought I'd share.  What have YOU done with your "naked beige room"?  I know everyone has (or has had) a bland room - I'd love to hear what you've done or plan to do with yours!  Happy dressing the walls!

{This one's my fav}


  1. You need to post pictures of your own home! Especially if you do any projects!

  2. Hahah - okay, just for you Nicole...just for you. :) I have a few projects in progress, pics to come.


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