Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Effortless Style

I have to admit that after running in the FL heat this morning, I was less than motivated to do my full "pull it together" routine, so I simplified.  Blow drying the mess on my head was so not appealing after being in the heat for so long, so I threw that mess into a braid, pulled on my skinny jeans (the run gave me a little extra courage), grabbed a wadded up tank that had been sitting on my dryer for days (clean, I promise) and tied it all together with a scarf and a pair of new flats - that was easy!  Sometimes I make getting dressed a monumental task.  I don't leave my house too often during the day considering I teach from the comfort of my own home, but I still need to look presentable for "work".  A belt, blazer, scarf, fabric flower, headband, pair of cute shoes, brooch, or some sort of fun accessory can jazz up your usual jeans and tank look and make it just that much more "pulled together". Today was a good reminder that it can be easy if I let it - here are a few pics I looove from pinterest & other favorite sites that inspire me to keep it simple.

{Sharp Fedora from Francesca's}

{Fun Scarf from Forever 21 - $8.90, can't beat that price.}

{Headband from Anthropologie}

{Gorgeous cuff bracelet from White Owl. All of their pieces are beautiful}

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